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Our Approach

Our Planning Approach

Creation of the total financial relationship begins with a detailed financial plan, the cornerstone of successful wealth management. Since nothing in progression rests on its original plan, therefore the financial planning process is not a one-time event. Our planning process is outlined in the following steps:

1) Clarify Financial Goals & Gather Information:

We candidly discuss with each client their personal values, prior financial history and the extent they wish to be actively involved in the financial management process. Their personal and professional goals are established and clarified as well as their risk tolerances, time horizons, liquidity parameters and investment expectations. This level of knowledge enables us to fully understand the client’s current financial situation and investment perspective so that their investment strategy can be tightly aligned with their goals and expectations. The client, however, always retains the responsibility of making the financial decisions.

2) Prepare a Written Financial Plan:

This detailed plan provides a blueprint for future financial decisions. It is a “living” document—which may be updated as the client’s needs, goals and expectations change. This plan presents an overall view of their present financial situation as well as their future financial needs.

Key areas presented in the plan are:

3) Create and Implement a Personalized Financial Strategy:

A coordinated strategy is developed tailored to the unique needs of the client. Before implementing the formalized plan, we gain the client’s commitment to the overall strategy and the underlying investment rationale. Every step of the way, we hold ourselves accountable for making suitable recommendations based on their goals, risk preferences and time horizons. It is important to understand that our clients are under no obligation to implement their plan through our company.