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Retire U Benefits

Our financial education and planning process is uniquely positioned to create access to various educational alternatives designed to help you and your employees make informed decisions about employee benefits and other financial options in pursuit of your financial objectives. We differentiate ourselves in the financial education industry by emphasizing both education and action. A famous author once said that “…the secret of success in life is not knowledge, it’s action”. We prefer to positively impact you and your employee’s quality of life by offering the ability to take action on the education we provide.

We lead the employees through a process of discovery, analysis and alternatives in implementation where they can make informed decisions about their futures and the quality of their lives. By using a comprehensive approach, we help ensure that all goals and strategies are working collectively to reinforce and build on one another.

Benefits of Financial Education

Research indicates that the business-case for financial education in the workplace is strong. Among the benefits to employers who implement a comprehensive financial education program are:

1) Increased Employee Productivity:

It is estimated that 15% of an employee population is experiencing a significant financial event at any point in time. And, that many of these employees are dealing with personal financial issues during work-time (1997, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University).

2) Potential Cost Savings:

It is further estimated that by improving employee financial wellness, an average employer can realize savings of approximately $400 per employee per year of lost productivity by reduced absenteeism, and increased attention to job responsibilities (1998, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University).

3) Additional Bottom-Line Results:

Sears Roebuck and Company estimates that a 5% increase in employee attitude measures results in a 1.3% increase in customer satisfaction, which improves corporate profit by 0.5% (January 1997, Harvard Business Review). Financial education can be a factor in improving employee attitudes.

Offering benefit resources, such as on-site financial workshops and personalized guidance of financial professionals—at no or little cost to you—can help you advance financial wellness, encourage employee appreciation for the value of benefits and drive increased productivity.