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Types of Workshops

Topical Education Workshops

  1. Investing—How do I get started?: An overview of investing that explains the necessary terms, types, and risk of investments today.
  2. Crating the Balance: Love and Money for Couples: This workshop will look at the common concerns couples have handling finances, including savers vs spenders, financial infidelity, combining incomes and carrying debt.
  3. Smart Decisions for your Money as You Begin Your Career: For employees who are in their first ten years of employment.
  4. Credit and Spending! What Should I Be Doing?: Discusses the factors that impact getting and maintaining good credit and living within your means.
  5. Life Insurance—The Whys and Hows: You will learn factors to consider in determining how much life insurance is needed and different types of insurance to consider.
  6. Estate Planning: It is for Everyone!: Proper planning of your estate is not just something reserved for the rich. Everyone should know how to plan.
  7. Advanced Investing: This workshop will provide you with in-depth information about investing and common investing terminology to help you make informed decisions.
  8. Education Financing for Your Young Children: Provides insight and guidance for the major financial decisions that you may have to make when sending children to college.
  9. Education Financing for Your Teenagers: Exploring financial aid and cash management solutions.
  10. Tax Planning Strategies: Learn how to pay your fair share but not more, different state and local treatments, tax rules for home sales, contributions and child care and keeping accurate records.
  11. How Do I Prepare to Care for My Mom and Dad?: This educational workshop will help individuals prepare for the associate risks of a longer life including caregiving responsibilities and expenses.
  12. Getting Ready for Retirement: You will learn decisions to be made, what Medicare does not cover, supplement plans, Part D prescription coverage, and long term care planning.
  13. Retirement Income Planning: Learn the steps to create an income strategy and how to manage common retirement risks.